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Spartan of the WeekSpartan of the Week

This week’s Spartans of the week are three groups, who placed first in the Science Fair and one wrestler, who placed at State Wrestling. Spartan Wrestler Keegan Kary (son of Kori and Eric) earned a 3rd place medal at the State Wrestling Tournament. Zane Tunby (son of Amanda and Randy), Jesse Hickey (son of Brett Hickey and Juanita Rost), and  Savannah Hickey (daughter of Lori and Brian) took 1st place in the Physical Science Category. Their project was “Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Temperature of Ethanol and Gasoline”. In the Biology and Health Science Category, Cheyenne Perry (daughter of Mariah and Blaine) Ashley Denby (daughter of Mandi and Robert Walker)  prepared the “Effects of KT Tape on Muscle Contractions” for the Psychology and Human Biology Category for 1st place, and  Pamela Tronstad (daughter of Cynthia and Leroy) and Brooklyn Ridenhower (daughter of Kim Ridenhower and Mark Ridenhower) did a project for “In attentional Blindness to a Hidden Gorilla: A Study in Radiology”, also placing 1st.


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