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Spartans of the Week

This week’s Spartans of the Week are Melissa Breitbach, Lexi Hartse, Luke Gonsioroski, Daniel Rost, Taylor Miller and Tayler Stinnett.  These 6 science students were grand prize winners in Baker High School Science Fair.

Physical Science category: Melissa Breitbach (Dave & Jerri) and Lexi Hartse (Dawn)
Melissa and Lexi investigated chemical reactions in glow sticks, and the influence of temperature on the reaction rate. The found that higher temperatures increase reaction rate, and decrease the life of glow sticks.

Biology category: Luke Gonsioroski (Charles and Katina )and Daniel Rost (Bill and Desi)
Luke and Daniel tested different species of fish, to see how various temperatures influence their respiration rates. The found that in general, respiration rate increases in warmer water, because there is less dissolved oxygen available, but the respiration rate of each fish species varies.

Health Science category: Taylor Miller (Mike and Promise) and Tayler Stinnett (Greg & Jenell Caron and Russ Stinnett)
Taylor and Tayler observed that it was difficult for certain students to distinguish different colors on a SmartBoard, a condition known as Color Vision Deficiency (CVD). They designed an experiment to see if people with CVD did indeed see colors differently, and if they also had trouble on printed paper, compared to those without CVD. They found that those with CVD did significantly worse identifying colors on the SmartBoard, but both groups did well identifying colors on printed paper.

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